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Anti-Bullying Software

Pitt Bull recommends HIBster Anti-Bullying Software for harassment, intimidation and bullying incident management in school districts.

HIBster helps school administrators collect, manage, store, modify, report and track bullying incidents. The software provides organization and security to ensure harassment, intimidation and bullying is not missed and appropriately addressed.


Pitt Bull offers a wide variety of services for educational institutions

Desktop Services

  • On-site support and maintenance
  • Configuration
  • Anti-virus management
  • Performance monitoring
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Recovery and Backup

  • Disaster recovery
  • Data assessment and analysis
  • Remote backup services
  • Security forensics
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24-Hour Support

  • 24×7 end-user support
  • 24×7 network support
  • Self-ticket creation
  • Incident management
  • Priority response level
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Hosted Exchange

  • Built-in anti-virus and spam filters
  • 25 GB storage per mailbox
  • Automatic patching and updates
  • Continuous data backup
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PARCC Technology Requirements

VERSION 3.0 – September 2013 Update

PARCC assesses the technology of all school districts in New Jersey to ensure compliance with the minimum requirements necessary for optimum student learning potential.

Assessment Component 2014 Administration Dates
Performance-Based Assessment (PBA) March 24 to April 11
End-of-Year Assessment (EOY) May 5 to June 6

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