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The US Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance (herein “USETPA”) assists Public Agencies to reduce the cost of purchased goods through strategic sourcing that combines the volumes and the purchasing power of public agencies nationwide. The Executive Management Team consists of high-ranking employees that work together to manage USETPA. These individuals oversee the daily operations of the company to ensure efficiency and product satisfaction.

The USETPA is an alliance that was formed to leverage the purchasing power of schools, libraries, and public entities. We have created pre-bid convenience contracts which have all been let on a not to exceed price basis. This means that every item purchased receives a discount while larger and aggregated orders may receive additional discounts. This is particularly powerful when combined with our reverse auction portal.

How The Contract Works

Posted discounts are the minimum discount offered under terms of the contracts. All contracts are issued on a not to exceed basis and additional volume discounts may be obtained while still taking advantage of the benefits of the USETPA convenience contract. Just ask your vendor for USETPA pricing or contact the USETPA for assistance with current specials and volume discounts.

To ensure that purchases can be validated as meeting competitive bidding purchasing requirements, a copy of the PO should be submitted to [email protected] unless the purchase was made through a vendor supported catalogue or through the USETPA online portal. Purchases made through the portal or vendor catalogs are automatically registered.