7 Ways You Can Keep Facebook Visitors Coming Back

Managing a Facebook community for your business isn’t always easy. There is a constant need for engaging content to keep people involved and wanting to come back. Plus, there’s thousands of other communities begging for your visitors attention. Do these 7 things to keep your Facebook visitors coming back.

  1. Stay on top of Posts and Answer Questions. When someone in your community posts a question, ANSWER IT! You don’t want your members to wait a long time to get an answer from you so make sure you answer it in a timely manner. Make sure your notifications are turned on so you don’t miss a post.
  2. Keep Things Visual. Visuals are important. A funny picture with a caption or showing a picture of your employees will always capture your audience’s attention. Don’t go overboard though. A picture with every update is too much and will clutter your page.
  3. Recognize Your Members. Everyone loves to get a little bit of attention & recognizing your members is a great way to make sure that they stay involved. Have an event and post who showed up or have a contest using WooBox. Most importantly, promote other people who help promote your community.
  4. Establish a Brand Persona and Stick With It. Whether you’re expected to be extremely serious and business like or fun and off the wall, stick with it! You need to know the brand persona your community expects when they stop by for a visit.
  5. Understand the Rules of Facebook. Know the rules to managing a community on Facebook. Once your page gets shut down, it’s really hard to get it reestablished. Some basic rules of are:The name for your page must accurately reflect what it is aboutYou may not use the “Like” button for contest purposesYou may not publish the personal information of your membersNo graphic content or nudity
  6. Negative Posts Happen. Negativity is bound to happen especially when you run an active community page. Knowing how to deal with it is one of the most important parts of managing a Facebook community. Just like a positive comment, when you receive a negative comment, comment back quickly and politely.
  7. Enjoy Yourself! Have fun with your members in any way you can think of. Try to connect with them and learn who they are. Treat them like friends and they’ll appreciate you and what you do a whole lot more.