Pitt Bull Prime

Pitt Bull Prime is our premium device management service, which, bundled with Pitt Bull DaaS allows you to customize the level of security and management for all your devices. Below you will find each of our services that can be bundled together and with our Device as a Service Program. Pitt Bull sees five common issues consistently when assisting with device management: 


  • It’s a constant challenge to maintain device visibility due to endpoints going dark.
  • You’re unable to effectively respond when users break from compliance standards related to hardware, software, and device location.
  • Application failure and vulnerabilities regularly disrupt device security postures.
  • You’re not able to consistently comply with industry regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR due to the inability to search for and secure sensitive data.
  • Setting supervisor passwords requires physical access to each device, making the process tedious and challenging.


This is Where Pitt Bull Prime Steps In.

Client Managed Security Solutions

Pitt Bull Visibility

Maintain visibility of your devices whether on or off the network, all from one place. Pitt Bull Visibility is a single destination for all your hardware inventory and software applications. You can easily pinpoint device geolocation, monitor usage and software, maximize device utilization, and continually assess your device security posture.




  • Customize your own dashboard and reports
  • Measure asset utilization
  • Report and alert on hardware attributes
  • Discover and get alerts for software configuration changes
  • Monitor health of critical applications
  • Maintain compliance of endpoint security controls

Pitt Bull Control

Gain ultimate control of your endpoints and robust defense against cyber threats with a powerful lifeline to protect at-risk devices and data. You will be able to define geofences to detect unauthorized device movement, take action to render devices useless or remotely delete critical data.




  • Detect unauthorized device movement
  • Remotely lock device on-demand
  • Ensure full or selective data delete
  • Perform end-of-life data wipe with compliance certificates
  • Enable firmware protection
  • PLUS includes all features from Visibility

Pitt Bull Resilience

Delivers resilient security management by ensuring critical apps always remain healthy with self-healing critical endpoint controls. Sensitive data can be identified remotely, and precise insights gathered. They will also be able to remediate endpoint vulnerabilities and investigate stolen devices.




  • Make critical applications self-healing
  • See and control all devices, data, applications, and users
  • Know when sensitive data is at risk
  • Monitor device and website usage
  • Enable firmware protection
  • Investigate and recover stolen devices anywhere in the world
  • Assess and take remedial action across devices with library of customized scripts
  • PLUS includes all features from Pitt Bull Control

Pitt Bull Managed Solutions

Pitt Bull Prime

You can rest easy with enhanced device visibility and intelligence, plus hardware enabled endpoint control and resilience, all managed by the experts. With Pitt Bull Prime, you’ll have superior visibility with always-on connectivity to devices and core telemetry. Security vitals are monitored, and security postures assessed, with feedback delivered through customized dashboard and reports.



  • Real-time dashboard to monitor and maintain device environment state 24/7
  • Drill down to the individual user/device to take corrective measures
  • Always-on visibility across the fleet through a firmware-embedded digital tether
  • Security posture assessment based on anti-malware and encryption health
  • Hundreds of data points, including location, hardware, and software attributes to alert on device changes
  • Device usage metrics based on interaction events to identify underutilized devices
  • Remote actions, including freeze and wipe, to decommission devices or protect ones that are missing

Pitt Bull Prime Advanced

Maintain hardware-enabled control and visibility, so you can take remote action to manage vulnerable devices and protect sensitive data by empowering endpoint monitoring with resilience. Pitt Bull Prime Advanced even secures security, ensuring that mission-critical apps are resilient through automated self-healing.



  • Automated self-healing of mission-critical security applications, including AV, encryption, and VPN
  • Bundled remote action management, including selective file delete and custom script deployment
  • Remotely manage BIOS supervisor password across fleet without needing physical device access
  • Geofence creation to monitor unauthorized device movement and take swift action

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