On March 3, 2014, the United States safety regulators announced a new rule that auto makers are required to include rear-visibility technology in new vehicles starting in May of 2018. The reason for this? It is in effort to reduce injuries and deaths caused by reverse accidents. On average, backup accidents kill around 210 people a year. There are about 15,000 injuries as well each year. It is also said that about one-third of those deaths are children under age five.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires all new vehicles under 10,000 pounds to come with technology that detects objects or people in a “10-by-20 foot zone” behind it. U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said that “Safety is our highest priority, and we are committed to protecting the most vulnerable victims of back-over accidents: our children and seniors.”

There was hopes to having a rule finalized in 2014 for the installment of the equipment, however Congress asked for more time to finalize the rule. Congress ordered the agency in 2007 to come up with an idea to stop drivers with limited visibility from backing into a child. The rule was once again delayed this year.


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