Email Encryption

email servicesSend confidential emails with confidence

Send confidential emails with confidence, using Pitt Bull’s CipherPost Pro email encryption service. With CipherPost Pro, your message remains encrypted all the way to the recipient. You control who sees your messages, and a patented delivery slip will show you when they’re received and opened. There’s no hardware or software to manage, you can cancel anytime and you get a 30-day free trial. All backed by Pitt Bull’s Phenomenal Care™.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensures protection of confidential information and helps maintain regulatory compliance, enabling your business processes to operate efficiently
  • Provides senders with a patented delivery slip that shows who receives your message and what they do with it.
  • Enables easy-to-use protection of email traffic to any user, with no client stoftware required
  • Requires minimal overhead, eliminates message or key storage, and has the lowest volume of helpdesk calls in the industry
  • Scales to the largest enterprise and integrates with existing technology investments, including content filtering and identity management solutions
  • Eases administration through centralized management and reporting, even across multiple data centers


  • CipherPost Pro Gateway
  • Zero Download Messenger (ZDM)
  • Anti-Phishing
  • CipherPost Pro Client
  • CipherPost Pro for BlackBerry
  • CipherPost Pro Archive Connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault
  • CipherPost Pro Statement Generator Service

email continuityEmail Continuity

Natural disasters. Service disruptions. Routine maintenance. Lots of things can take your servers down, but your email doesn’t have to go with it. Our new Email Continuity Service is always on, simple to use and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Best of all, it’s an effective way to protect your company from costly email outages.

Causes of Email Downtime

Planned Email Outages

  • Email platform upgrade or migration
  • Data center or office move
  • Planned power outage
  • System maintenance
  • Required patch management
  • Disaster recovery testing

Unplanned Email Outages

  • Connectivity losses
  • Data center office move
  • Planned power outage
  • System maintenance
  • Required patch management
  • Disaster recovery testing


  • Simple to launch, easy to use
  • No onsite hardware or software required
  • Affordable for businesses of all sizes
  • Always on, instantly available
  • No “bounced” messages

spam and virus protection

Spam & Virus Protection

SecureTide™ protection made simple.

We make it easy to keep your email free of spam and viruses. With our award-winning SecureTide service, 99 percent of unwanted messages never reach your inbox. There’s no contract required, no expensive equipment to install, and, best of all, no more junk mail or malicious messages in your inbox.

Inbound and Outbound Email Protection

The SecureTide filtering system is continually updated 2,000- 4,000 times per day to ensure protection from even the newest
Spammer tricks and tactics. It works on multiple platforms and utilizes proprietary detection systems, four virus-scanning engines,
more than 60 filtering techniques, and wave-front detection to rid inbound and outbound email from spam, worms and viruses as well as protocol-based vulnerabilities.

Daily Held Spam Reports

Perhaps one of our most popular features is our Held Spam Reports. Even the most effective solutions will occasionally stop a valid message. When this happens, SecureTide users can instantly release the message by using their daily Held Spam Report. This detailed report can be enabled per end-user and provides them with 100% visibility of all mail that has been held as spam, or “junk.” Web access to the quarantined email is also available to administrators or end-users.

Disaster Recovery

If a client-side server is not accepting email for any reason, such as Internet connection failures, power outages, natural disaster,
internal routing problems, mail server hardware or software failures, SecureTide’s delivery manager will encrypt and queue email until the client server is back online.

Hassle-Free Web Protection

Complete implementation of the Pitt Bull’s SecureTide system can be achieved in just one hour. As an ASP solution, there is no hardware or software required. Successful implementation is as simple as changing MX records within your DNS for each domain that requires filtering services.

“The product’s Web-based interface makes setup and maintenance a snap. Filter updates can be programmed to happen every several minutes, ensuring the best protection. But the real beauty of SecureTide™ is the set-it-and-forgetit style of deployment.”
– Frank J. Ohlhorst CRN

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