Application Support, Workstation

A set of commonly used workstation software packages is fully supported by our staff.

Desktop Antivirus Management

Every workstation or desktop connected to the client network is required to run antivirus software. This forms the second line of defence against viruses – ensuring that if infected files are opened on client computers, the virus is identified and file access stopped, preventing further infection.

Desktop Configuration Services and Enforcement

The standard user desktop design and configuration enables efficiency in the services provided by our technicians and tools, and reduces costs significantly through standardization of the computing environment. It also assists in quicker problem-solving when issues occur, and it enables the use of hot-swap computers in the event of a hardware failure. Standard installations are maintained for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. They include the operating system (O/S), standard application packages, drivers for supported hardware and antivirus software.

Desktop Maintenance (hardware and O/S)

We conduct scheduled maintenance of desktops and laptops ensures reliability and stability for users. Optimizing hard drive performance, clearing logs & temp files, O/S patch updates, physical inspections, and other checklisted maintenance items.

Desktop Performance Monitoring (Hardware and Applications)

Monitoring of the ongoing health, performance and errors in the operating system software (such as Windows) as well as device hardware components of desktops and laptops. In addition, other applications can be monitored for specific conditions through log file analysis and monitoring of associated processes.

Microsoft Windows O/S Patching

Patches automatically updated on a regular basis to the customer’s servers and desktops. MS Baseline Analyzer and MS WSUS Server used

On-Site, Desktop & Laptop Support

When required, our technicians will travel on-site to perform hardware maintenance, proactive problem diagnosis and repairs. Priority can be placed on severe issues according to our client Service Level Agreement.

Ubuntu Linux management

Implementation and support of Ubuntu (Linux distribution) operating system desktop deployments. Necessary updates and maintenance are also performed to ensure the customer has the most functional and stable environment.