Charging on the Go

How happy would you be if you never said or heard “oh wait, let me just charge my phone a little bit before we go” ?

A portable charging system is coming soon! The gadget is called Modulo, which was developed by a tech company called Idapt in Barcelona. Modulo is a credit card-sized device that claims to charge any USB device wherever you may go. CEO of Idapt, Jacques Giribret said “All of our lifestyle now goes to electronics- it’s portable, really portable. We have designed a battery taht is as small as possible, taking into account that we want it to give you the same power as the original battery.”

Modulo charges a device once it is connected by either the original charger or by Idapt’s mini cables. A special adhesive strap allows the phone and battery to be securely attached. How well does one of the battery packs work? One battery pack is supposed to fully charge a phone. Now, what if you want to charge a tablet on the go? Stack up the Modulos. By putting two or three of the gadgets together, it allows the devices to charge to its fullest capacity in the shortest amount of time. To charge the Modulo, plug it into any wall socket, computer or wireless receiver. A Module can last up to six months just from one charge.

Sure, there are other options, but why pass up a 2.4 ounce device that fits in your pocket? It is expected for production to start in June 2014, and shipping to follow in July 2014.